Welcome to Wordie Productions.

You are probably here because . . .

You dream of a podcast that is engaging and profitable.

A podcast can help you connect with your ideal client.

You value community and care about accessibility.

You’re ready to attract more leads.

Or you already have a podcast, but . . .

You hate editing and only want to show up and record.

You no longer have the bandwidth to manage your own podcast.

You struggle to produce your podcast and find the time to do anything else.

You’re struggling with monetizing your podcast.

Don’t worry I GET IT.

Imagine having a podcast where . . .

You show up as yourself and attract your ideal clients and community.

You only need to focus on recording your podcast

You can focus more on serving and engaging with your listeners.

You’ve Come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Randie.

I’m so happy you’re ready.

I remember discovering podcasts while I was doing work that I did not enjoy, and after binging many podcast episodes and genres, I realized: I can do this.

That was in 2018 and since then I have produced, edited, and helped craft countless episodes including all episodes of my own podcast, The Black Millennial Marriage Podcast. I haven’t looked back.

I found comfort in podcasts when I was experiencing a deep grief, thus I know first hand how podcasts can transform and connect people, and that’s why I love the medium.

This is also why I love managing podcasters who have an intention to be in community with people that will benefit from their offerings, service, and heart.

So let’s podcast and affect someone’s life together.