Create Podcasts.

is a long game.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme, podcasting is not the way.

Growing and making money with a podcast takes time. A quick Google search will tell you that:

  • Growing an audience and increasing downloads takes between 5-6 months. (source: Castos)
  • Earning money for your podcast takes about 18-24 months. (source: Disctopia)
And that’s mainly if you :
  • Publish a quality episode weekly.
  • Intentionally engage with listeners.
  • Have a team and are not working alone.

This is why I stress community and connection and aim to partner with my clients for a distinct period of time.

For 1:1 Services.

All services below are offered with each package with an option to work with me for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. 

Edited Episodes

Editing 4* episodes a month. (Raw audio 70 minutes and under per episode per week)

*Sometimes podcasters post more than 4 episodes or less than four. It is okay if every now and then your posting schedule changes.


Social Media Support

Written social media caption to go along with your captioned audiogram per episode. Along with actionable plan to promote your episode throughout the week to increase downloads and listener interest.

Mix Audio Elements

Mix and edit intro, outro, music, transitions, ads, and any other sound effects for podcast episode. Compress and amplify audio for a quality sounding podcast.

Write Show Notes

Written show notes for each episode including hyperlinks, guest names, and resources mentioned in the episode.

Captioned Audiogram

One captioned audiogram 1-minute and under for each podcast episode.

Podcast Organization

Personal organized client dashboard for individual podcast, which includes integrations with: ClickUp, Google Drive, and Dropbox to monitor podcast episodes and distribution.

Podcast Host Management

All episodes will be uploaded, scheduled, and published to all podcast platforms.

Pre-Production Support

Review episode outline and receive feedback on segments to include, actionable steps to take for future episodes, and more.

Decide How Long We Will Work Together.

3 months

For all services listed.


MOST POPULAR – 6 months

For all services listed.


9 months

For all services listed.


12 months

For all services listed.


Got Questions?
Well, I’ve Got Answers.

I know what it feels like when your podcast is your baby. I also know what it feels like to keep doing the same ol’ thing because it works.

But does it really? You’re here for a reason.

Delegating is another type of receiving. Receive the help you already deserve and earn, so that you may focus on the activities you really love like:

  • Recording.
  • Engaging with your audience.
  • Guest appearing on other podcasts.
  • Collaborating with brands
  • Freeing yourself up to do other income generating things.

After your contract ends, I will send you an updated contract to renew our time together if you would like to continue working with me.

While prices are set and will remain what they are, customizations for the podcast management package are available and encouraged.

For example:

  • If you want to repurpose an older episode and post it as a reprised/throwback episode on your feed we can do that. In fact lots of podcasts do.
  • If there is a service offered that you don’t necessarily need, I am open to replacing it with one that would benefit you. For instance: If you don’t need your show notes written, but would love more captioned audiograms, I would be able to do this for you after having a conversation. 

No problem! I offer strategy sessions as well. With these meetings we’ll talk all about your podcast or podcast-to-be, create an action plan, and more. You’ll receive a recording of our call and then we’ll check in again in 2 weeks to see where you are. If this sounds good, learn more about the strategy sessions.

Podcast Strategy Sessions 50% OFF