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Podcast Launch

After the 8 weeks that it takes to launch your podcast, there is a 3-month commitment with us. We offer two types of podcast managing opportunities, which you can find in our podcast management section.

Contrary to popular belief, podcasting is tough work and takes time. From experience, an 8-week launch process effectively warms up an audience and gives you time to buy equipment and record your first episodes.

Yes. We have a 2-month and 3-month payment plan for podcast launching services.

Please let us know you’d be interested in a payment plan before the call.

Absolutely! And kudos to you for already having a repurposing plan in mind.

We can certainly help you with transforming your videos into podcast episodes. You may have to re-record your intros and outros, but re-purposing is possible!

Recommended equipment for podcasting:

  • Microphone, Pop filter, and wired headphones.

Recommended podcast hosting platforms:

  • Libsyn, Acast, or Simplecast

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We will work with you to create a script you can be proud of for your podcast.

Before our call, I will share a Google folder with you that includes intro, outro, and trailer tips as well as information on the podcast hosting platforms.

Podcast Management

After the initial and minimum three months, we will send you another contract to work on your podcast for an additional 3 months.

No problem! We have a podcast launch package where we will launch your podcast in 8 weeks and afterwards, you will work with us for an additional 3 months.

See the podcast launch package option for yourself.

Yes. There is an option to pay the monthly fees in bi-weekly installments.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me. 

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