Get to Know Me.

Hi, I’m Randie. Your Podcast Manager.

Listen, there are very few people who love professionalism more than me. But I’ve learned that connecting is professional too. And we can’t work together until we know what each other is all about.

I’ll go first.

The real:

Life brought me to podcasting. I was at a dead-end job and in deep grief about a pregnancy that ended too soon, and I turned to True Crime podcasts. I soon jumped around many genres and before I knew it, I was co-creating and founding a podcast with my husband. It’s called the Black Millennial Marriage Podcast.

What Our Listeners Say About Our Show.

Eventually, a personal hobby became a full-time job.

As my personal podcast grew, I soon began completing freelance work for other shows I’d either interviewed for or collaborated with. Times were had and life was good.

Soon though, I realized that I could not maintain working a traditional 9-5 and continue on with managing and producing my show as well as podcasts for others. 

In 2020 as I and the world grappled with the reality of Covid-19, I made a decision to live my life fully, quit my job, and focused solely on helping others get their podcasts out to the world. 

And in 2021, I launched Wordie Productions, a podcast management company devoted to supporting and managing podcasts that aim to inspire, transform, and change the world.

A glance at what Listeners Say About the Shows I’ve Worked on.
On-Call with Kay-B Podcast
Raising Rebels Podcast
Birthright Podcast

Now, there’s no way I can take complete credit for these reviews.

Instead, I want you to know that I was working on these shows at the time these reviews were left and these reviews are clear evidence that the podcasts I work on inspire and excite listeners.

Podcasts have the ability to connect, transform, and change lives and that’s what I love about the work I do.

And I want you to love your podcast too.

Gone are the days of you being:
  • Burnt out from a refusal to delegate.
  • A perfectionist with a podcast show or idea suffering from your procrastination. 
  •  Discouraged by the work of maintaining a podcast on your own.
  • An advocate for everybody but yourself. You can shine too.
The Time is Now.
Let’s work together.


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