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Complete Podcast Management

I know what it feels like when your podcast is your baby. I also know what it feels like to keep doing the same ol’ thing because it works.

But does it really? You’re here for a reason.

Delegating is another type of receiving. Receive the help you already deserve and earn, so that you may focus on the activities you really love like:

  • Recording.
  • Engaging with your audience.
  • Guest appearing on other podcasts.
  • Collaborating with brands
  • Freeing yourself up to do other income generating things.

After your contract ends, I will send you an updated contract to renew our time together if you would like to continue working with me.

While prices are set and will remain what they are, customizations for the podcast management package are available and encouraged.

For example:

  • If you want to repurpose an older episode and post it as a reprised/throwback episode on your feed we can do that. In fact lots of podcasts do.
  • If there is a service offered that you don’t necessarily need, I am open to replacing it with one that would benefit you. For instance: If you don’t need your show notes written, but would love more captioned audiograms, I would be able to do this for you after having a conversation. 

I don’t. I charge a base fee per month. 

Yes! Not only am I a Podcast Manager, but I’m also a podcaster and I have been since 2018.

I’m well-versed in growing an audience, loving and loyal fanbase, and listenership. I’m more than capable and happy to help you come up with a podcast strategy for quality episodes and engagement. 

Good for you! Launching a quality podcast  takes about 8-12 weeks. In this time you can have your website updated, podcast platforms selected, at least 3 episodes recorded and edited and a trailer as well.

With that, to launch a podcast with Wordie Productions you will need to pick the 6 month plan.

The first three months will be for the creation and launch of your podcast and the next three months will be to complete your podcast season.

To discuss your launch, please see the link for the podcast strategy session:


Once we begin working together, I will give you my work cell number where you may text with me throughout the day. (If you text after 5:00pm EST, I will get back to you the following day. But I am also known to reply after hours)

I will also set up weekly or bi-weekly video call meetings with you, if you find that helpful as well. In these meetings we discuss:

  • Podcast strategy.
  • Feedback on current episodes and how can implement changes and/or keep doing what’s working.
  • Social Media strategy

among other things.

Many of my clients take advantage of this opportunity and I recommend it.

For my clients I use a mix of ClickUp, Google Drive, and Dropbox. I find that these applications work seamlessly together.

I will create a Client Dashboard for you and an episode task list within these programs so that we can make sure we are staying organized.

Absolutely! And kudos to you for already having a repurposing plan in mind.

We can certainly help you with transforming your videos into podcast episodes. You may have to re-record your intros and outros, but re-purposing is possible!

Recommended equipment for podcasting:

  • Microphone, Pop filter, and wired headphones.

Recommended podcast hosting platforms:

  • Libsyn, Acast, or Redcircle (These are all platforms I’ve personally used myself)

Yay! I’m happy for and proud of you for receiving the help.

Complete the management application and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Pick My Brain Strategy Sessions

Anything (within reason). Often I discuss current podcast episodes –published or unpublished–, podcast support, how to make podcasting NOT feel like an expensive hobby and more.

Strategy sessions are for those who want to understand why their podcast is plateauing and/or what’s keeping them from moving forward with their show.

No it doesn’t! If you think you’ll be set with an email action plan, you can check out that service. I call the sessions the “No Video, No Fuss” strategy sessions. 

Nope! You do not have to continue on with me or hire me to manage your podcast–though I’m sure you’ll want to :D.

Sessions are meant to inspire and encourage you to show up for your podcast, and if that translates into hiring me to manage your show–YAY, and if not, it’s all good.

I’m honored! Don’t forget that after our strategy session there will be a follow-up call two weeks later to see where you are in the process and you implemented the actionable steps we discussed.

If you still want to meet after this second call, I will invoice you for another round of strategy sessions. No problem.

Yay! I’m happy you’re ready. You can sign up for a session here with this link.


Have more questions? Get in contact with me.

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