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Clearbirth Podcast – New Season Coming June 7, 2023.


Points of View by Cultured Magazine


Black Millennial Marriage Podcast



I have had the pleasure of working with Randie on several projects including the podcast Birthright and Raising Rebels. Randie is a problem solver. She asks all the right questions and figures out how to get the client exactly what they want and need. I went to a conference and interviewed several parents about freedom. I had a dream of putting all the recordings together to tell one cohesive story. Randie made it happen. It is my favorite episode of Raising Rebels because you can feel the collective love. Randie not only has the technical skill, she also has great intuition, and can make a podcast sing.

Noleca Radway
Producer, Writer

Randie is so talented and is literally a gem. The feedback she gave was raw and detailed. She saw things that my co-host and I didn’t even notice. Her attention to detail and knowledge about podcasts makes her  worth every penny. She’s so empowering and encouraging and that motivated us to work even harder to produce the podcast of our dreams!

Ashli A.
Co-Host + Co-Producer of Educhaos

I am so happy I got a chance to work with Randie. My co-host and I felt encouraged and empowered after meeting with her. Not only did Randie provide useful resources to help with our sound quality, she also gave suggestions on how we could structure our episodes. The information provided was very raw and honest and completely needed. Meeting with Randie gave us the push we needed.

Briana H.
Co-Host + Co-Producer of Educhaos

Randie is an amazing producer and content creator. I had the pleasure of working with Randie on our collaborations between the Black Millennial Marriage podcast and the Cheat Code podcast. I was impressed with her skillset so much so that I contracted with her to produce my own upcoming podcast, which will be released soon.

Randie is brilliant creatively and shows amazing attention to detail. She also understands the nuances of the creators that she works with and does an amazing job of figuring out how to get the best out of the person and the project.

You won’t find a better producer, content partner, or human being.

Jason Vives
Co-Host of the Cheat Code Podcast, Podcast Producer

It is both my pleasure and privilege to work with Randie to produce our podcast. The amount of care she puts into every aspect of every detail big or small is borderline ridiculous. What most would let slide–Randie will not. While most could accept “Ok”–Randie cannot. Where many will settle for the bare minimum Randie does not. Her level of professionalism is unmatched, attention to detail is bar-none, and the quality of her feedback is guaranteed to trigger a, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

For years I’ve watched her put all that she has into this craft. I’ve witnessed as others have been made better by her impact and guidance just as I have. She is a force and there’s no better person to collaborate in this space with.

I give this high praise for two reasons. One–it’s simply the truth, and Two, so you can stop wasting time and book her already. You’re welcome.

Paul Chapman
Podcaster, Husband, Father, Engineer

Randie is exactly what the ever-changing audio industry needs right now:  a fresh, young Black woman’s voice with a unique and ambitious perspective. The entertainment industry is dynamic and ever-changing; in 2021, someone like Randie is who you need to be working with! I’ve recommended Randie’s talents to other producers and they have all come back to the Domino Team with glowing reviews–and have gone on to work with Randie again. Her work is up to par with some of the most seasoned producers in the industry due to her innovative creative agility and ability to quickly adapt. She’s incredible at both following direction and communicating direction to others. She’s innovative, always bringing new ideas to the table; but most importantly she is kind and patient, yet highly organized and dependable.

Kenya Denise
Co-Founder and Creative Director at Domino Sound

Randie is one of the most trustworthy and reliable producers I’ve ever worked with. When Randie says something will be done, you can count on the fact that it will be on time and done better than you ever expected. Another incredible strength of Randie’s: her ability to take direction and learn quickly. I’ve worked with her on several podcasts including The Color Grade and Raising Rebels, and her hit show Black Millennial Marriage for a few episodes. Every project that Randie touches is better because of her contributions.

Alexandra DiPalma
Co-Founder and CEO of Domino Sound Co.

Randie Chapman is an incredibly talented podcast editor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her to produce the Points of View Podcast for Cultured Magazine featuring interviews with Paloma Elsesser, Kimberly Drew & Jenna Wortham, Rowan Blanchard, Kelsey Lu, Eartheater, and Amandla Stenberg. Randie works quickly and communicatively and always delivers on schedule. Her audio expertise is felt in her creative vision, collaborations, and spearheading of her own podcast projects. I was connected to Randie via our podcast community network by way of Domino Sound Co.

Sienna Fekete
Curator, Radio Producer, Co-Founder of Chroma

Working with Randie was a great experience. Randie was very patient with me as I wanted to start a podcast, but had no where to begin in the process. Our consultation was in 30 minutes and in that time she was thorough, offered follow ups as needed, and even gave me a step by step guide on how to achieve my goals of creating the podcast. I appreciated how relatable she was as well as her supporting her client in the best way that she could. Overall, I would say the experience was a 5/5 and I will be back as I continue in my efforts.

Johnnae R.
Podcast Host


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